Elena Rose

Elena Rose, a Filipina-Ashkenazic mixed-class trans dyke mestiza, is a writer, religion scholar, medic, and survivor from rural Oregon. Dedicated to the projects of radical love, community building, and media justice, she writes online as “little light” at http://takingsteps.blogspot.com and elsewhere; serves on the advisory board of the Allied Media Conference in Detroit; has twice been a San Francisco Pride Featured Performer with the acclaimed National Queer Arts Festival production, Girl Talk: A Cis and Trans Woman Dialogue; and was a charter member of the Speak! Radical Women of Color Media Collective. Her writing has found its way everywhere from law school classrooms and academic conferences to bathroom mirrors and protest marches. Rose currently resides in northern California, where she studies, organizes, and stays busy being in good stories; she carries a pen, her ancestors, and the mismatched ID of a citizen of the borderlands with her at all times.

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